About the Aboriginal Energy Partnerships Program

On January 1, 2015, the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) merged with the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) to create a new organization that will combine the OPA and IESO mandates.

The Aboriginal Energy Partnerships Program (AEPP) was designed to help meet the needs of First Nation and Métis communities by supporting their participation in Ontario’s energy sector. 

The programs under the AEPP include:

Together, these programs help fund community energy planning and renewable energy project development, as well as support the building of energy knowledge and awareness, and skills related to energy projects. 

The AEPP was developed through an enhanced process of communication with First Nation and Métis communities throughout 2009, including 27 regional outreach sessions. The process facilitated a dialogue between the IESO (formerly the Ontario Power Authority) and Aboriginal communities that continues today to help refine ideas and program elements. 

For inquiries about the AEPP, please contact us by telephone at 416-969-6317 or email us at AEPP@ieso.ca.